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paper carry bag making machine

Fair Print India

Fair Print India has gained tremendous appreciation as a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Paper Carry Bag Making Machine, Non-Woven Bag Printing Machine, and D Cut Bag Making Machine. Also, you can ask the Paper Bag Making Machine Price. available of all types of Paper Bag Manufacturing Machine. for more info contact us now: 9953135656

Why Should We Use Non-Woven Bags Over Plastic Bags

In the present time, paper bags are gaining immense popularity in the economic sector. The bags are strong, reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable, hence play a crucial role in saving the environment from the adverse effects plastic bags are causing. By using paper bags in place of plastic ones to meet our packaging requirements, we can do a lot to conserve our nature. We know that plastic bags possess waterproofing capacity and can be availed at a shabby cost, but at the same time, they are a big threat to our environment’s sustainability. Therefore, it’s high time we switch to paper bags.

Owing to technological advancement, we can easily find efficient paper bag making machines and Paper Carry Bag Making Machinethat can assist us in producing a wide range of bags. The bags can be used to fulfill the packaging requirements of small to large scale businesses. Paper bags have a professional look that helps brands promote their products in a way that can be represented by a significant rise in revenue.

When it comes to debating over which bags are better: plastic or paper, paper bags seem to win the game without putting much effort. Do you also want to know how? If yes, then look at the points below that shows why paper bags are far better than plastic ones:

Paper bags are 100% biodegradable: There is no denying the fact that paper bags are completely biodegradable in nature. Unlike plastic bags, they will not keep on littering the earth’s surface for many more thousands of years to come. The paper bags are also not the reason behind the deaths of millions of marine animals every year that die from plastic choking. Paper bags do not add to any pollution level and are safe to use even in the food packaging industry as they do not contain any harmful chemicals.

BPA free: BPA or Bisphenol A is a harmful chemical generally found in most of the plastic products, including plastic bags. The chemical can be the reason behind various life-hazarding ailments, such as prostate cancer, heart diseases, and others. By ditching the use of plastic bags and adopting paper bags in place, you can even safeguard your health.

Aid in brand promotion: Paper bags have an attractive appeal as compared to plastic bags. Even they can be printed in a way that promotes a brand uniquely. Printed paper bags have become a new trend in the marketing sector. Many high-end outlets are moving towards getting their paper bags printed to make their brand carve a positive image on the mind of customers. As these bags are usable, customers will carry them many more places, promoting your brand for free.

Lightweight and ease in carrying:  The bags are as light as feathers and have broad handles that do not make your fingers pain. They will help you carry them with ease, and of course, in style. On the other hand, plastic bags are more prone to tearing up and make your products fall, which you definitely don’t want.

Paper bags are a better option when it comes to conserving our environment for the coming generations. The bags can do a lot to make our earth a better place to live.